What's happening now?

With imagination in full gear, three-year-olds are entering a peak period for pretend play. And they LOVE to ask questions—about everything! Have fun encouraging self-expression and rich, exploratory play for your increasingly independent three-year-old.

“My 3 year old loves listening to music and playing his guitar. He loves all different kinds of music.”

Dad of three-year-old

Types of toys for this age

Now your child might:

  • Physical

    Love to move—and even find it hard to be still!

  • Cognitive

    Begin to compare and contrast herself with others

  • Social & Emotional

    Like to dress up or pretend to be someone else

Children develop at their own pace and reach milestones at different times. The highlights mentioned in this website are approximate guidelines only. If you have any questions about your child's development, consult your healthcare provider.