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“I do it myself!” That may be your toddler’s mantra, embracing every opportunity to learn, do, and become more independent. Role-play toys that encourage pretending will help your child understand new experiences, bringing the big world down to size.

“It's what all of us moms want to do: provide the best for our little ones—whether it’s fresh produce, shoes that fit properly, or a toy that will boost her brain matter.”

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And your child might:

  • Physical

    Be on the move, walking and running

  • Cognitive

    Have a vocabulary of 50 to 200 words

  • Social & Emotional

    Express a range of moods, from joy to frustration to jealousy

Types of toys for this age

Children develop at their own pace and reach milestones at different times. The highlights mentioned in this website are approximate guidelines only. If you have any questions about your child's development, consult your healthcare provider.