Thomas & Friends™ Take N Play™ Rescue from Misty Island

3 years & up

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    Thomas has never left the Island of Sodor… until now! Relive Thomas’ journey from the "Misty Island Rescue" DVD movie with this 2-in-1 playset featuring the Island of Sodor and Misty Island. Thomas travels around winding turns on Misty Island, braves the real shaking Shake Shake Bridge and busts through a tunnel to return back to the Island of Sodor! Use the logging crane to lift logs and uncover another tunnel for Thomas to go through. Pack it all up for on-the-go fun! Includes durable die-cast Thomas engine. Attach to other Take-n-Play™ engines and vehicles with magnet connectors that connect either way. Connects to other Take-n-Play™ Portable Fold-Out Playsets!
  • Safety

    WARNINGS Choking hazard may be generated. This product contains magnets. Do not use around items that are sensitive or affected by magnetic fields.

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