Mickey Mouse
Dance 'n Shout Mickey

2 years & up


$40.00 $31.99
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    Dance ’n Shout Mickey comes to life in ways that are truly kid-like and dynamic. Mickey Mouse moves and grooves with energy and joy that can only be matched by kids themselves. So together, they’ll be unstoppable! Dance n’ Shout Mickey captures kids’ imaginations through silly humor, fun and easy dance moves, and intuitive interactive games. And we kick everything up a notch with key innovations and surprises!

    • Fun mechanized plush that dances, plays games and interacts with the child.
    • Push the button on Mickey's shoe to activate.
    • Mickey’s torso rotates both clockwise & counterclockwise vertically while his arms move up and down to create fun dances in two different speeds.
    • Mickey has two feature songs and plays interactive games like Freeze Dance and Mickey Says.


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