Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mouseka-Medics

2 years & up

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    Mickeys’ rollin ’to the rescue! Doctor Mickey is on the job! Ride along with Mickey as his ambulance opens into his fully equipped Mouska-medical office. Sound the siren, flip down the ramp, and wheel Donald in for an x-ray. There’s everything Mickey needs to fix Donald’s broken bones!

    • Opens into full playset
    • Real Sirens sounds
    • Ambulance with a window opening and hinged walls that open up.
    • Poseable Mickey paramedic figure
    • Poseable Donald figure with arm and leg casts
    • Doctor bag, gurney, x-ray machine, Wheelchair
    • Height/Weight scale - move Mickey hand up and down!
    • Switch the x-ray screen from a broken bone to a fixed bone!
    • 7 play pieces in all!
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