Little People® Wheelies™ Roller Coaster

Age: 1½ - 5 years
  • Price: $26.00

    Product: X7835

Who doesn’t love an exciting roller coaster ride? Place the Wheelies™ vehicle on the easy-load ramp and turn the crank with that familiar “click-click-click” as it heads to the top! Then ZOOM! Down it goes and pops out of the lion’s mouth at the end. Ready to ride the ferris wheel or take another trip to the top? Includes play set with one Wheelies™ vehicle.

Fine Motor
This roller coaster keeps little fingers busy loading the vehicle onto the ramp, turning the crank, spinning the ferris wheel—then doing it all over again and again!

Curiosity & Discovery
Placing the Wheelies™ vehicle on the easy-load ramp, sending it to the top, then ZOOM! That’s the fun way to learn about cause and effect!

Imagination & Creativity
Kids will love to role-play the familiar experience of a trip to the amusement park!

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