Little People®
Mike The Knight™
Klip Klop Arena

Age: 1½ - 5 years
  • Price: $32.00

    Product: Y9357

Your little one will bring the much-loved Mike The Knight™ and his trusty horse Galahad to life with this brightly decorated arena play set. There’s a colorful ramp where, with just a little nudge, Mike The Knight and Galahad “klip-klop” down all on their own, then slide around the corner! As they head down the ramp, Mike and Galahad will knock down targets along the way. There’s a seating area built in the play set for Mike’s friends to watch all the action and cheer for their favorite knight!

• Set Galahad up on the ramp and tap his tail to send him “klip-klopping” down ramp!
• Mike & Galahad also slide around the corner!
• Arena seating fits Mike’s friends (Sold separately.)
• Includes removable flag

Fine Motor
Setting Galahad up on the ramp, then tapping his tail to send him “klip-klopping” down helps enhance eye-hand coordination.

Curiosity & Discovery
Curiosity is sparked as young knights watch Mike & Galahad “klip-klop” down the ramp all on their own—then slide around the corner! They’ll knock down the targets on their way, which reinforces cause & effect.

Imagination & Creativity
Different role play locations, like special seating in the Arena, prompt young knights to build their own stories around Mike The Knight™ and his horse Galahad.

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