Little People® Builders™ Ice Cream Truck

Age: 1-5 years
  • Approx. Retail Price: $10.00

    Product: BFT87

Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially when it’s served up so adorably? Your little one can put Mia® in the driver’s seat and roll the truck along to make the ice cream cone spin! Got customers? Mia® can serve them under the awning on the side of the Ice Cream Truck. And with three scoops to choose from, preschoolers can “build” their ice cream cone different ways!

• Roll the truck along and the ice cream cone spins!
• Includes Mia® figure, Ice Cream Truck, awning, two cones and three “scoops” of ice cream
• Pieces store on the truck

Thinking & Problem Solving
Figuring out how to stack the ice cream on the cones in different ways helps develop problem-solving skills and builds confidence.

Curiosity & Discovery
Rolling the ice cream truck along makes the ice cream cone spin! Little ones discover cause and effect and strengthen motor skills in the same action!
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