Little People Characters


"I'm Eddie and I'm ready! I've got lots of energy and I like to go-go-go! Sports, running, jumping, anything with a ball ... come on,what are we waiting for


"Well, I'm pretty quiet because I'm really kind of shy. I love to collect,sort and organize all kind of things. If you give me time to think, I'm sure I'll come up with a solution for you."


"I'm a twirler. An animal lover. A born leader. Got a challenge? I'll take it on.Need some help? i'm here for you. I really really love coming up with new ideas."


"My very favorite thing? find the funny and make YOU laugh. I also love to play with dinosaurs. I get totally into every activity!"


"Did you see that? think we need to explore this. I daydream a lot. And I notice little teeny details. And I love to draw and paint and...say, how do you think it feels to be a butterfly?"

Miss Hugg

"What will you discover today?" That's pretty much my favorite question. I'm the teacher at Little People Place, and that means helping children find answers, solve problems, sing songs,explore the world, and enjoy creative adventures. Come on, we've got a lot to do - won't you join us on the rug?