Learning content
changes as baby grows!


What if there was a way a toy could keep up with your child? With learning content that could adapt and grow as your baby grows? Say hello to Smart Stages™ technology from Fisher-Price. Learning technology for the stages babies grow through.

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6 Months: Explore

By around six months, babies love to do the same thing, over and over (and over!) again. Smart Stages Level 1 inspires curiosity as they start to explore, with early learning concepts, fun phrases, playful songs, and lots of baby- appropriate activities.

12 Months: Encourage

Starting to talk. LOVES to imitate. Follows directions—as long as they’re simple and there’s encouragement. Smart Stages Level 2 asks basic questions and offers simple directions to engage and encourage your one-year-old with rewards (Great job!).

18 Months: Pretend

Your 18-month-old is probably starting to use her imagination and enjoying pretend play, wanting to be just like mom or dad. Smart Stages Level 3 inspires imaginative fun with songs, sounds and phrases for creative, open-ended play.

How will I know when my child is ready for the next level?


Follow your child’s lead

Watch for interest as they play.

Do they explore and interact with different play features?

Show your child how to listen

to different songs and phrases from each interactive switch.

Give them lots of opportunities

to engage in play with each level.

Follow your own lead

Level 1: Explore

What types of things do you naturally say to your child? Do you find yourself pointing out and labeling things, naming objects, people, and places in your environment? That sounds like Level 1 – Explore. This is where the toy provides descriptors, introduces concepts through phrases and songs, and explains what it is your baby is interacting with. When in doubt, Level 1 is a great place to start.

Level 2: Encourage

You may be asking your child to show you things. “Where’s the puppy’s nose?” Or you could be starting to teach concepts. “Can you find the blue sock ?” “Show me the triangle.” Level 2 – Encourage will match what you’re doing, providing play prompts for questions you’re asking naturally.

Level 3: Pretend

Does your child act out motions, imitating what you do? “Let’s call Daddy on the phone.” Maybe you ask her to make animal sounds while you read a book or play with animal figures. “Can you moo like a cow?” “Can you hop like a Froggy?” Now she’s ready for Level 3 – Pretend. This level includes phrases and songs that encourage imitative or imaginative play.


How can I evaluate what my child has learned so far?


Watch your child play.

Watch your child play and interact with the toy, noticing how they respond. You’ll know your child has learned a concept when they can not only show you something on the toy, but also in the world around them. For example, when he can show you things that are yellow (the banana’s yellow, the flower is yellow), he’s learned that color. Or maybe she likes to sing along to a song about counting with you … and even starts to count while walking up stairs, or numbers each blueberry when eating a snack.

Look at our Play & Learn Activities for more ideas on how to take the teaching of concepts from a toy to a baby’s world.

"Smart Stages™ Levels were developed to match the activities and stage that best suit your child at different ages. But you might find that your child has a favorite song they like to hear over and over. Keep that in mind when you switch to another level. You can always go back to favorite songs or activities!”

“It’s important to remember that babies and toddlers learn at their own individual pace. Smart Stages levels are intended to be used as guidelines only ... and we encourage you to try them all!"

Deb weber