What if there was a way a toy could keep up with your child? With learning content that could adapt and grow as your baby grows?

Say hello to Smart Stages™ technology from Fisher-Price.

New learning technology for the stages babies grow through.

Available now on select Laugh & Learn toys.

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By around six months, babies love to do the same thing, over and over (and over!) again. Curiosity is the name of the game, and it’s amazing how much he understands. He is so ready to explore. And that’s what Level 1 inspires, with early learning concepts, fun phrases, playful songs, and lots of baby-appropriate activities.

6 Months

Starting to talk. LOVES to imitate. Follows directions—as long as they’re simple and there’s encouragement. Those are pretty typical of a 12-month-old, and that’s why Smart Stages Level 2 asks basic questions and offers simple directions (find the blue circle!). All created to engage and encourage your one-year-old with rewards (Great job!).

12 Months

Your 18-month-old is probably starting to use her imagination and enjoying pretend play, wanting to be just like mom or dad. Smart Stages Level 3 inspires imaginative fun with songs, sounds and phrases for creative, open-ended play.

18 Months
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