What if there was a way a toy could keep up with your child? With learning content that could adapt and grow as your baby grows?

Say hello to Smart Stages™ technology from Fisher-Price.

New learning technology for the stages babies grow through.

Available now on select Laugh & Learn toys.

Explore: By around six months, babies love to do the same thing, over and over (and over!) again.
Smart Stages Level 1 inspires curiosity as they start to explore, with early learning concepts, fun phrases, playful songs, and lots of baby-appropriate activities.

Encourage: Starting to talk. LOVES to imitate. Follows directions—as long as they’re simple and there’s encouragement. Smart Stages Level 2 asks basic questions and offers simple directions to engage and encourage your one-year-old with rewards (Great job!).

Pretend: Your 18-month-old is probably starting to use her imagination and enjoying pretend play, wanting to be just like mom or dad. Smart Stages Level 3 inspires imaginative fun with songs, sounds and phrases for creative, open-ended play.

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