Imaginext® Saharicus

3-8 years


  • Product Features

    Imagine…a prehistoric world with a futuristic twist! The Imaginext® Saharicus has cool armor that fits a figure! When it’s time for battle, fold out the two launchers, then pull back to fire disks! There’s even room to store more disk projectiles on the dino’s armor. After a long day of dino battles, kids can remove the armor and the Saharicus is ready for any prehistoric adventure!

    • Pull back to fire disks from the two launchers!
    • Disks store on dino’s armor!
    • Removable gear for classic dino play!
    • Includes Saharicus with gear and four projectiles, figure with helmet

    Curiosity & Discovery
    When young explorers discover this dino has launchers, they’re also discovering cause and effect!

    Imagination & Creativity
    Imagining a dinosaur that wears tech gear that fires disks really unleashes all limits to creating new and exciting adventures!

  • Safety

    WARNING! Do not aim at eyes or face. Only use projectiles supplied with this toy. Do not fire at point blank range.

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