Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Superman™ Playset

Age: 3-8 years
  • Approx. Retail Price: $28.00

    Product: X7675

Young superheroes can team up with the Man of Steel to help protect this secret fortress from evil forces like General Zod! Cool features like an armory that holds the famous cape, a projectile launcher, a battle stage, and a jail help kids recreate their favorite Superman™ adventures – or create new ones of their own!

Fine Motor
• Pressing a button to fire the launcher and clipping in figures & moving the lever to make them battle helps enhance finger/hand dexterity.

Curiosity & Discovery
• Turning Superman™ on the disk to open the armory and reveal his suit and cape helps young superheroes discover cause & effect.

Imagination & Creativity
• Will General Zod be able to steal the secret key or will Superman™ save the day? Imaginations soar as kids control the action in this battle of hero versus villain!


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