Pop ’n Push Elephant

Age: 12-36 months
  • Price: $11.00 $7.99

    Product: Y8651

Get ready for irresistible, ball-poppin’ fun! As baby pushes this friendly elephant along, colorful balls “pop, pop, pop” out of the elephant’s trunk, encouraging baby to walk. Ball-popping and ball-rolling encourage put-and-take play. Includes 3 colorful balls.

• Colorful balls pop out of the elephant’s trunk as baby pushes it along
• Encourages baby to walk
• Includes 3 balls
• Bright colors & ball popping sounds
• Helps develop balance & coordination
• Introduces cause & effect

Gross Motor
• Colorful balls “pop, pop, pop” out of the elephant’s trunk as baby pushes it along, encouraging baby to walk!

Balance & Coordination
• Pushing the elephant as baby walks along helps baby develop balance & coordination, too.

Thinking & Problem Solving
• Exciting ball popping action rewards baby’s steps, teaching baby about cause & effect.

• Bright colors and ball popping sounds stimulate baby’s developing senses of sight and sound.

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