Rainforest™ Bouncer
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    |Product: K2564

Learn through play
A tree frog and a monkey play peek-a-boo in the leaves near a sparkling waterfall. A toucan moves back & forth overhead. All the wonders of the rainforest are captured for your little one in this amazing bouncer. Baby bats at the hanging toys to activate the light-up waterfall and peek-a-boo action, accompanied by rainforest songs & sounds. Or, Mom can activate for continuous play! After a day of rainforest adventure, turn on the bouncer’s calming vibrations and your little one is ready to relax in this comfy chair!

The Rainforest™ Bouncer requires 4 “D” alkaline batteries (not included).

Weight Limit: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg)

Developmental Guidelines:
Use the Rainforest™ Bouncer from birth until baby is able to sit upright unassisted.

Better for Baby…
Promotes comfort & security
  • Bouncer’s calming vibrations and gentle bouncing motion comfort and soothe baby.

  • Encourages developing motor skills
  • Reaching, batting at, and grasping onto colorful rainforest animals fosters baby’s eye-hand coordination.

  • Stimulates senses
  • Waterfall with lights and colorful animals stimulates baby’s visual sense.

  • Rainforest sound effects and variety of songs offer baby auditory stimulation while sitting in bouncer.

  • Enhances learning through discovery
  • Promotes understanding of cause & effect as baby bats at hanging rainforest animals to activate the chair’s lights and sounds.

  • Better for Mom…
  • Removable toy bar—easier to get baby in and out of chair.

  • Bouncer’s long play music mode allows mom some “hands free” time while baby enjoys the tunes.

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    Rated 4.1 out of 5 by 103 reviewers.
    Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst purchase ever The first one I ordered would short out when the music and vibration was turned on, so I had a new one shipped out thinking it was just defective. Come to find out the replacement one was worse! I also returned that one and ordered a completely different style bouncer. Also, the music/sounds is nothing special and actually is rather boring compared to other bouncers that I've had/seen from fisher price. Sure, it looks all pretty but NOT worth the money. February 12, 2014
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Nice bouncer I did not want a bouncer but someone purchased this for my baby shower. I really ended up liking it. It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as some of the newer ones, but it served its purpose. We've had it going on 6 years and used it for 2 kids. #3 is on the way and I plan on using this right from the beginning. February 11, 2014
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Diversion for Kids up to around 20 lbs My son liked the vibration which soothed him to sleep between birth and two months but he couldn't even see the dangling toys because they are so low near the child's lap. Once he gained good head control he liked to play with the dangling toys and make the lights and sounds go off that are triggered by those things swinging. Now that he is almost 6 months and 20 lbs the frame is laying almost horizontal when he is in it and his feet hang off the end, but now he can reach the moving monkey up on the arch and is actually more entertained by the bouncer as an activity center. He seems to enjoy focusing on the moving parts and can make it bounce vigorously by kicking his legs which he also likes. I suspect he will outgrow it before he is 25 lbs because of the extreme bending of the frame and the fact that soon his knees will be past the end of the chair. A great feature is the battery life. I have replaced the 4 D size batteries once (at 2 months) when the arch stopped working in conjunction with the vibration and since we rarely use the vibration now that he is so entertained by the arch movement the second set of batteries is going strong after 3 months. Considering the price I recommend it with just a few caveats. It has been in constant use for five months and his size is the only thing that will decommission it. July 6, 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Needs improvement. I love the rainforest collection! It's so pretty and my daughter stays entertained ALL day with it. My only problems is on her bouncer we just bought it but the waterfall, monkey and frog won't move or turn on. We've tried changing different batteries but nothing seems to work! Other than that I would recommend it just wish it would work! May 9, 2013
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