Today's Kids are Digital Natives

This generation of children is the most tech-savvy ever - they are the first generation to grow up with technology since birth and they expect seamless integration of technology into their everyday lives, including play. Fisher-Price ® Apptivity ™ toys combine digital and physical play to create a whole new interactive play experience. They are easy to use, durable, age appropriate, and part of a well-rounded toybox of both traditional and tech toys.

Simply insert your device into one of our products – we have incorporated a clear screen, made with Otterbox® to protect against drips, sticky fingers and scratches. Download the app and you are ready to embark on a whole, new adventure!

Discover the footprints the pig figure makes in the mud with the Little People® Apptivity™ Barnyard! Place a butterfly card behind your iPad® and touch the animation as it magically transforms through augmented reality with the Create & Learn Apptivity™ Case! Use your Imaginext® Apptivity™ Fortress playset cannon and your iPad®’s camera to defend your home from invading trolls! And these toys are not just developing your child’s imagination - they’re nurturing curiosity, discovery, creativity, and building sensory and fine motor skills.

Apptivity™ in the Press!

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