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The perfect way to celebrate your baby's first year from Jennifer Sbranti, the Hostess with the Mostess. You'll find amazing party ideas, DIY projects, and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Use simple craft elements to create your own festive birthday party decor.

  • Keep the smash cake decorations effortless and sweet - like this fondant crown and heart that can be removed in a pinch at cake time.

  • Use paper elements to give your party a coordinated look, from themed signage and cake toppers to paper patterns incorporated into the decor.

  • Themed party signs are such an easy way to dress up the table! Use freestanding, double-sided frames to display the fun all around.

  • Use large crown shaped cookie cutters to make tot-sized “crown sandwiches”, and give everyday dishes clever names like “Majestic Mac-n-Cheese”.

  • Serve the littlest guests their drinks in spill-proof containers, like mini plastic milk bottles with colorful lids and decorative straws.

  • Hang paper banners for easy, impactful decor! Personalize the banner with baby’s age or name.

  • When it comes to the little ones, activities are king, and keeping them happily entertained is the key to a good time for everyone!

  • Think like a kid! Use your child’s favorite toys as inspiration for creative party decor, like this DIY castle centerpiece featuring Rock-a-Stack® castle turrets.

  • Make your own DIY party garlands from colorful plastic balls! These festive garlands are also a great way to rope off the “Royal Play Zone” area in style.

  • For a royally creative dessert table display, use classic toys (like the Corn Popper®) as both design inspiration and accent decor.

  • “Royal” doesn’t have to mean frilly and ornate! For a first birthday celebration, opt for elements that exude a feeling of childlike whimsy.

  • Crowns are a great way to top everything, from the guests to the cake!

  • Add detail and color to the birthday cake with simple bands of fabric ribbon and fondant star cut-outs.

  • Every party needs a cake, but a first birthday actually calls for TWO; one to serve to your guests, and a smaller one for your baby to taste… and smash!

  • Bubbles are easy fun for kids of all ages! For a perfectly coordinating party activity, customize the bottles with decorative wraps.

  • For children who are a little older, set up a craft station with projects that match the theme, such as castle coloring pages and paper crown decorating.

Royal Birthday Bash Guides, Tips and DIY Projects

  • Use Little People® farm figurines and playful signage to welcome guests to the celebration! You can download this 8x10 farm birthday party sign here and print it at home.

  • Dress the birthday boy or girl in a pair of pint-sized overalls and a farmer hat! Ask guests to dress in theme as well, and set out extra hats and bandanas for them to use when they arrive.

  • Use farm-inspired elements like burlap, felt, twine, and tin cans to create a playful kids table. Display Little People® farm figures on embellished tin cans covered with moss, and string a miniature felt party banner between the cans.

  • Make the milestone first birthday front and center at the table by wrapping a craft store wooden “1” in twine. Display it in the middle of the centerpiece along with your baby’s favorite farm figure! Use a free printable “First Birthday Farm” party circle to decorate the front of the can.

  • Add some whimsical fun to the table with placemats inspired by farm animal sounds. You can download these placemats in 2 different colors. For best results, use the “borderless” setting on your home printer.

  • Make lunchtime a breeze by pre-packing toddler and kid lunches in cute red gable boxes before the party starts. Add a printable barn door label to make the lunch boxes look like little red barns!

  • Use felt and bandanas to make a cute, farm-inspired party garland for the guest of honor’s high chair (and smash cake setting!). Make sure their farm-themed party hat is ready to go as well. You can download this printable hat here.

  • A Little People® Fun Sounds Farm pulls double duty as both cute party decor and playtime fun for the littlest guests!

  • Themed signs (which you can download here) are such an easy way to dress up any area of the party. Use freestanding frames and embellish them with twine for a bit of rustic flair.

  • Fill plastic eggs with child-safe toys and trinkets and display them in bandana-lined baskets. For a fun party activity, hide them around the backyard and send little ones on a “chicken egg hunt!”

  • In addition to all the farm animal fun, make sure the milestone birthday is well-highlighted in the party decor with the use of numbers and playful phrases like “ONE Little Cutie!” (Download here.)

  • A farm-themed dessert table is sure to be the hit of the party! Cover the table with artificial grass and make your own red barn backdrop from foam core and felt. Use farm elements and animals as inspiration for all the different sweets.

  • Homemade “Pig Pen” Pie Pops are almost too cute to eat! Simply modify a basic round pie pop recipe to include small triangles of dough for the piggy “ears,” and an extra, smaller dough circle on top for the “snout.” Use tiny dabs of frosting to attach chocolate chip “eyes.”

  • Display “Cock-a-Doodle” Cake Pops in wooden baskets filled with foam and topped with toasted coconut “hay.”

  • Use themed signs as quick and easy accent decor for the dessert table. Download this “First Birthday Farm” design here.

  • Make your own “Animal Feed” trail mix from dry cereals, chopped dried fruit, raisins, and yogurt chips. For a cute dessert table display, serve the trail mix in tiny metal buckets, perfectly sized for little fingers!

  • Farm-inspired cake pops make for a truly adorable dessert table centerpiece! Order the pops from a vendor or make them yourself, then display them in a styrofoam-lined container topped with natural raffia (for the look of “hay”). Add a mini felt banner to the front of the container to make it feel like a party!

  • What kid doesn’t love making farm animal sounds?! Highlight these sounds in the farm party decor, as shown in this framed sign (which you can download here). For a fun party activity, hold a farm animal sounds contest and award prizes for the noises that are the funniest, longest, most realistic, etc.

  • Whip up a batch of tasty, no-bake “Haystack Cakes” with a playful “Hay Bales for Sale” sign. For a detailed “how-to” guide, click here!

  • Create a veggie patch filled with “carrots” that no kid can resist! Check out the detailed “how-to” guide here to get started.

  • Cute fondant animals + a toy-inspired fondant windmill and barn make for a colorful and modern farm-themed birthday cake! Use the same placemat patterns (which you can download here) and other party printables to create a perfectly coordinated cake design.

  • Make your baby’s smash cake extra farm-friendly by modeling it after a bale of hay and adding a printable “Hay, I’m ONE today” topper (which you can download here)! For a detailed “how-to” guide on making this smash cake, click here.

  • Speaking of messy, encourage your baby to get right down to business and have some fun with the hay bale smash cake! (Make sure to have plenty of baby wipes or a wet washcloth nearby.)

  • Babies + cake frosting = cute photo opp! Make sure to have your camera ready as well.

  • You know what they say, “Hay is for horses!” We loved the idea of setting a toy horse figure next to the hay bale smash cake for a creative touch, and our birthday boy was quite fond of the idea as well.

  • Give drinks a festive touch with striped straws decorated with printable farm-themed party flags. Download the party flags here, then print at home and use a glue stick to attach them to the straws.

  • Invite thirsty guests to “trot on over” to the “Watering Trough” for a refreshment. Download this playful 8x10 drink station sign here.

  • Lemonade is a childhood favorite and a natural fit for any farm party! Serve “farm fresh” lemonade from a clear drink dispenser garnished with lemon wheels.

  • Fill bandana-wrapped acrylic carafes with regular and chocolate milk. Set a toy cow figure in front of the carafes for a clever touch!

  • At the drink station, make sure to offer different styles of drinkware for your different ages of guests. Colorful plastic cups are great for adults and older children, while lidtopped mini plastic milk bottles are a smart (and very theme appropriate!) option for the littlest guests.

Fun on the Farm Guides, Tips and DIY Projects