To Grandmother's House We Go: The First Overnight

By Traci Suppa

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Grandma and Grandpa to the rescue! When my husband and I were planning our baby’s first overnight away with his grandparents, there were a few things we considered to make it easier on everyone.

Familiar Faces. The most important thing to ensure a smooth stay is familiarity. We made sure to give our little one a bath there and let him nap. At first, we’d leave him there for a few hours as a practice run. If your baby’s Grandma and Grandpa live far away, try to arrange a few video calls so they get used to seeing and hearing them.

Pack the Necessities. We made sure to put careful thought into what we packed for the visit. We thought through our baby’s 24-hour day in order to count the number of diaper changes and feedings. We also triple-checked to make sure we didn’t forget his body wash, shampoo, lotion, and tooth/gum brush.

Bedtime is the most likely time for your tired tot to miss you, we learned. So don’t forget your little one’s favorite “lovey,” blanket, music, and nightlight.

…But Don’t Overpack. You don’t need to bring every piece of gear; just the necessities and a few favorite small toys. My son liked nothing better than to bang a spoon on my mom’s pots and pans during his visits to Grandma’s house. Entertainment can be easy!

Rip Off the Bandage. Separation anxiety affects most kids. When mine went through it, I suffered even more than they did. Try not to prolong the good-byes. By all means, check in with the grandparents later. Consider a video call so your baby can see and hear you, unless you think it will upset them. The best timing for this may actually be the next morning, when they wake up happy and refreshed.

Ultimately, however, we realized that first getaway was good for everybody. We got a much-needed break. Our children learned how to be around other adults. And their grandparents got some rare one-on-one time to completely spoil them!

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