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When's baby ready for a bed?
By Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell
The day after you look in the crib while your baby is sleeping and suddenly realize how big he has become, and how little room there is between his feet and the end of the crib! Seriously, babies seem so much bigger when they are stretched out asleep; suddenly the crib can look cramped and confining.

Most parents make this decision partly in terms of other family considerations. For example, if there is another baby coming who will need the crib, you want to make the move to a bed for the older one far enough in advance to avoid feelings of being displaced by the newcomer. If handled properly, though, the move to a “big bed” can become a status symbol that he is no longer a baby. And, temporary regressions notwithstanding, that is something every baby wants!

If a need for the crib isn’t a factor, many parents opt to make the move some time around age 2. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with waiting a while if your child is happy in the crib. Be sure to buy a bed that is low to the floor (and can possibly be raised later), for he is sure to fall out of it a few times.