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Layette Checklist
By Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell
Baby clothing is so adorable that soon-to-be parents are bound to find every nightgown or romper irresistible. But what clothing does your infant really need?

To help you single out the necessities for your baby layette, we've created a checklist of infant clothing and linens. With the items on this list, baby's sure to be comfy and cozy!

Baby's First wardrobe
  • 1 take-me-home outfit
  • 3-7 undershirts
  • 4-6 footless rompers or all-in-ones
  • 3-8 nightgowns
  • 2-3 blanket sleepers
  • 2-3 pairs of booties and socks
  • 2 washable bibs
  • 1-3 sweaters
  • 1-3 hats
  • 1 jacket or bunting

Baby's Linens
  • 3-6 receiving blankets
  • 3-4 fitted sheets, sized for crib, bassinet, cradle, or carriage
  • 2-6 waterproof pads
  • 2 washable crib or bassinet blankets or comforters
  • 2-3 terry cloth towels with hoods
  • 2-3 soft washcloths
  • 1 dozen square cloth diapers for burping or emergency spills
  • Several dozen disposable diapers, if you are using them exclusively