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How can I make baby's car rides more pleasant?
By Kathleen Alfano
Q: My 4-month-old hates being in the car, especially when it's not moving. What can I do to help him enjoy his ride? Is there a specific toy I could strap to the seatback? I was looking for something like his crib toys, which have lights and sounds, but I couldn't find anything.
Rachel Colorado
A: A dashboard toy might do the trick! We've made several models in recent years that play soothing lullabies, have twinkling lights and also features interactive activities to entertain your baby. What you might find most helpful is the toy's remote control feature, which lets you activate the toy from your driver's seat, keeping your baby content while you're behind the wheel.

On car trips, short or long, take along a few favorite infant toys and books. Also, try playing music in the car, which might help your baby enjoy being in his seat a little more each time.

By the way, your baby's resistance to the car seat is not unusual. Some babies take a while to get adjusted to being restrained. Eventually, the routine of going for car rides and being restrained in the car seat will feel more natural to your baby.