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Defining Nursery Zones

Much of what it takes to be organized is about placing things where you use them. By doing so, you eliminate the need to go elsewhere for an item that’s related to the task you’re attempting to complete. This is especially helpful when you have your baby in one hand or on the changing table and don’t want to leave her unattended. Setting up a “changing zone” where all items related to that task are included, will save you time and allow others who are helping to easily accomplish what needs to done.

When planning the nursery, first draw a rough layout of the space on paper. If the nursery furniture is already in place, you can still benefit by drawing a layout on paper because if you do choose to relocate furniture, you will likely move it just once. While drawing the layout, don’t forget to include doors, windows and the closet. Next, determine the best set up for you and your family. Just about everything you have and need for your baby will fit into four zones:

  • Sleeping
  • Changing
  • Soothing
  • Playing

The sleeping zone, of course, would contain the crib and maybe a basket with extra blankets in it. You may also want to consider a product like the Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper™ that has an inclined seat to make napping more comfortable for babies who need their heads elevated.

The soothing zone could contain a rocking chair with a side table for you to sit and rock your baby and have a place to put a book, bottle or glass of water for yourself, which is especially helpful if you’re breastfeeding. Also consider the Fisher-Price Cruisin’ Motion™ Soother as a way to calm your baby for naptime . The Soother was designed to provide the same feel as a car ride. When my first-born wouldn’t go down for a nap, I’d take her for a car ride and she’d fall asleep immediately. With the price of gas these days, this Soother is definitely a much better alternative than driving around the block a few times! The Soother produces a gentle pulsing action designed to help baby relax and sleep. It has an ergonomic seat with soft fabric and a comfy head snuggler, and baby has the perfect spot to doze off, without getting in the car! It also includes two activity toys and a large rear view mirror for baby’s entertainment. So cute.

The playing zone, also known as the “fun zone,” is a great place to put baskets full of toys and picture books. You’ll also want to include a Fisher-Price Gym like Luv U Zoo™ Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym or a Bouncer. The Gym features a round, cozy mat with a spinning mobile, dancing lights and lively music. Toys are repositionable on the arches or mat and can be taken along wherever baby goes.

The My Little Snugabunny™ Bouncer is a great way to provide comfy entertainment for your baby and help soothe him with songs, nature sounds and calming vibrations. A removable toy bar with sweet birds overhead engages baby, but also allows mom and dad to interact with baby hands-free.

Identifying zones in the nursery will make organizing your nursery simple, fun and easy for everyone to identify where gear needs to go!