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Would it be bad for my son if we moved in with my boyfriend?
Q: I’m the single mother of a 15-month old son. I have been dating my significant other for almost six months. My son and J.T. adore each other. We have been talking about moving in together, but my parents are against it. They feel that if we live together we should be married. They tell me that we would psychologically damage my son if we moved in together. Is this true?
A: There is a possibility that your situation could end up hurting your son. What if your son falls in love with J.T. and six months later you fall out of love with J.T. – or J.T. wants to move out? Six months is not a long time to get to know each other before deciding to live together. You and J.T. need more time as a couple.

It could be devastating to your son to love J.T. and lose him. In my practice I end up seeing many little boys trying to cope with that situation.

You would be taking a risk if you moved in together after only six months in the relationship. So, take your time. If everything is going wonderfully after another six months or a year, why not consider marriage? As a parent you need to make sure you give your son a stable home life. I know this may not be the answer you’re looking for, but you need to put your son first and make sure you’re not exposing him to potential pain.