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My toddler won’t stay in his bed!
Q: We recently moved our 2-year-old son into a twin bed. Now he gets out of it repeatedly for an hour. We have tried putting him back in without a fuss, but it doesn’t make a difference. When we ignore him and let him go to sleep on his own, he plays in his room. What should we do?
A: As you can see, your 2-year-old, like most 2-year-olds, is not ready for a big boy bed. I suggest you save yourself the grief and put his cot back into the bedroom. If he’s a climber, purchase a screened cover that fits over the cot. In general, 2-year-olds have bedtime problems because they have so much energy and because they don’t want to be separated from their parents. Develop a good bedtime routine, with the cot back in his room, and your problems will be solved.