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Is having a baby the solution for a lonely only child?
Q: My husband and I are concerned because our son, who will be 4 in July, is lonely. Is this a good age for us to consider an addition to our family?
A: Your son will soon be 4 years old. If you were to become pregnant in the next few months, your son would probably be 5 when the baby is born. That means that when the new baby is 2, your son will be 7. Most 7-year-olds find toddlers to be pests because they’re forever getting into the things of the older child. So, if your child is lonely, having a baby isn’t the answer.

Having a baby is a major decision. You and your husband should discuss whether or not you’re ready to have another child. Don’t base your decision on your son’s loneliness.

To make your son feel less lonely, I suggest the following:
  • Enroll him in a nursery school
  • Look for playgroups
  • Invite children to your home to play with him
  • Enroll him in a summer day camp program