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Write it Down—Free Your Mind
Master List:
To relieve yourself of the stress of remembering everything, write down whatever you need to do the next day, in the coming week, the next month – even the next year. When you receive a request by phone or mail, add it to the list. Review the list regularly in case you need to move tasks to your “to do” list.

To Do List:
Keep a running list of things to be done, but limit it to 10 items. Group them by type and/or location, and try to do like things at one time.

10-Minute List:
This is for chores that take 10 minutes or less. For example: writing a card, straightening a drawer and making a brief phone call.

Home Resource Notebook:
Create a notebook of frequently called and emergency numbers, utility providers and take-out menus. Keep it near the main phone.

Shopping Lists:
Keep a list of grocery items you need posted on the fridge so that family members can add to it. It’s a good idea to also have a running list of non-grocery items you need to buy so you can review it when you’re headed out to run errands.