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Why aren’t healthy treats offered at school parties?
Q: My family has decided to eat healthier and cut way down on sweets, but I am afraid my second grader will get hooked on candy again when the classroom holiday parties start up. Should I send in a healthy treat for her on party days?
A: That’s one alternative, but a better idea might be to volunteer to send a healthy treat for all the children! Better yet, discuss your concerns with the classroom teacher. It has been my experience that teachers would eliminate the candy and sweets altogether from the school day, but they continue to allow them because it’s easier for busy parents. I know one innovative teacher who asks parents to contribute a single raw vegetable (cleaned and cut up, or a convenience bag purchased in the produce section) for class celebrations. She serves a yogurt-based dip and a veggie tray for class celebrations. Allowable beverages are juice only (no juice drinks). The children have just as much fun.