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My 8-month-old refuses solids
Q: My 8-month-old daughter is not always eating her solids. Mealtime can be OK or it can be awful. If she gets upset, should I let her skip her solids? She started off really excited to eat solids and used to eat an entire jar. Now we are down to half that, if anything.
A: Amy, don’t be alarmed if your daughter is changing her preferences every hour. That’s what little kids do. Besides, it’s lots of fun to watch mum get upset!

An 8-month-old baby is still receiving most of her nutrition through breast milk or formula, so she is not lacking for nutrition. Unless she is losing weight, let her decide when she wants to eat her solid foods. She’s almost old enough to begin table foods and will make it very clear to you when she’s ready to begin again. Please don’t let her actions make family mealtime a difficult time. This will resolve itself soon.