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When a classmate rejects your child
Q: What do you say when your child thinks a classmate hates him? My son thinks that because a girl in his class moves every time he sits beside her. I feel bad that I don’t know what to say to him.
A: I think I’d start, Kim, by mentioning gender preferences. Tell him that she probably moves away because she wants to sit by a girl. Ask him if she doesn’t sit by a girl after she moves away from him. If she doesn’t, ask him if the boy she sits by is a special friend of hers, such as a neighbor or cousin.

Also, find out if it is just this one girl who “moves away” or if it is more than one child in his group. If he says that others do the same thing, ask him if he can think of any reason they might do so: he bothers them while they are doing their work, joins play groups uninvited or talks while they are trying to listen, for example. Without putting down the girl in question, talk to him about other children in his class who are his friends. Invite one or more of them to visit him at home and see if it carries over to school.