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What age can kids start playing computer games?
Q: What age can children play computer games? What kind of games should we choose for our children, and how long can they play without affecting their health or psyche?
A: There are many educational computer games for young children today that are fun, interesting and developmentally appropriate. It’s best to limit the amount of time children play with computer games so that they have time to be physically active. The most important thing is to keep a balance of activities.

Research has shown that computer games can encourage children to interact with others while playing. Children are social while playing computer games when they invite others to watch or participate in what they’re doing. In addition to computer games, there are interactive, educational games for the television.

What’s more, technology is embedded in many of today’s toys. It’s important for technology to incorporate innovative features that add to the play experience but don’t interfere with it. Technology brings toys to life in ways that are fun, entertaining and, in some cases, more realistic. For example, the Laugh & Learn™ toys are based on real items found in children’s homes.