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We’re worried kids will tease our 5-year-old for wearing glasses.
Q: We've just found out our 5-year-old needs glasses. She attends kindergarten and will be the only child in her class with glasses. She’s extremely sensitive (an issue we’re working on). What is the best way we should handle the teasing we’re both sure is bound to happen from her classmates? Even more, she’s very strong-willed. I could easily see her taking her glasses off when we aren't around. Any suggestions?
A: I can understand your concern and offer some sympathy, as both of my children wore glasses from an early age (second grade). Although both my husband and I had good vision, our children were very near-sighted. But, after getting glasses, both were so delighted with their improved vision that they offered few, if any, protests about them. After all, they could now go to the movies, watch TV, do a better job of catching a ball, etc. My daughter’s vision worsened rapidly so that by age 12 she was extremely near-sighted. At that time, our pediatrician recommended contacts, and she has worn them ever since. Even so, she still uses her glasses a great deal.

Today’s children don’t seem quite as inclined to ridicule and be cruel to children who wear corrective lenses or other devices, such as hearing aids. However, your daughter will get some teasing. Try to help her deal with it by having her look around and notice how many adults wear glasses, and remind her of how wonderful it is to be able to see well. And remind yourself that she needs to see well if she is to learn to read next year in first grade. Her teacher can also be of help if social problems arise at school.