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My daughter’s schoolwork is always disorganized
Q: My daughter has trouble staying organized in school. She often loses homework or turns it in late. I don’t think it’s due to any developmental delay. Rather she’s too focused on talking to the other kids! How do I keep this Chatty Cathy more focused on school and less on socializing?
A: Without even knowing your daughter I like her, because she sounds just like me throughout my school career! A key ally in this situation would be her teacher. Find out if the teacher thinks she is keeping some of the other children from completing their assignments or is disrupting their presentations or explanations. If so, ask the teacher if it is possible for your daughter’s chair to be moved a few feet away from other desks to make it more difficult for her to talk in class. If not, just work on things at home.

Make certain that she has a regular time and place to do her homework and see to it that she stays with it until it is done. Even though you might not know exactly what the teacher expects, you can probably tell whether your daughter actually finished the assignment. As soon as she finishes put the work in a special place—don’t wait for morning to do it. Give her a folder or a big envelope to keep it in if the teacher doesn’t want it folded (a nice word for “wadded up”). Then have her put it in her backpack in a safe place.

The next morning, ask her casually, “Where’s your homework?” If she doesn’t remember, remind her. If she does, comment, “It should be easy to find when you get to school. Be sure to put it in a safe place in your desk until your teacher takes it up.”