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My computer whizzes won’t learn to write!
Q: I have twin boys who are 3. They are wonderful on the computer—they can boot it up, go online, and go to “favourites” for their games. But I'm worried: they’re excellent at playing games for 5-year-olds, but I can't sit them down to learn how to write. They can count and say their ABC's but their patience is very short when it comes to writing. Any suggestions?
A: My suggestion is that you forget about writing for a couple of years. There is a big difference between the muscle control needed to hit keys on a computer keyboard and the control needed to print and write. If you push too hard at trying to get them to write at this time, when they don’t have the level of either muscle control or interest to master writing, you may create resistance to new learning. To help them gain muscle control, let them colour with crayons (on a plain sheet of paper, not in a colouring book) and play with small manipulative toys like blocks and puzzles. And don’t let them sit too long at that computer!