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My 8-month-old refuses to eat baby food!
Q: Gracie, my 8-month-old daughter, only wants to eat table food. We tried putting baby food on our plates and feeding her separate from us, but she would rather go hungry than eat things that are appropriate for her. She does well chewing, but I worry she won’t get the proper nutrients eating what her father and I do. We created this monster by giving her food from our plate because we thought it was cute.
A: Your baby is showing signs of advanced feeding readiness, Brooke, and there’s really no problem with that as long as the consistency of the food is appropriate for her abilities to chew and swallow. Commercial baby foods are simply adult foods that have been prepared so they’re compatible with the oral development of most infants in a specific age group.

If you’re concerned that she’s not getting the appropriate nutrients by eating the same foods as you and her dad, I would recommend evaluating your diet to be sure it is nutritionally complete and not based on convenience foods, which tend to be breaded and/or high in fat. Also, since commercial baby foods do not contain spices (such as added salt, sugars or other flavorings), you might want to avoid adding these during cooking, adding them at the table instead so that she can continue to eat the same foods.

Usually the problem is getting babies to transition to table foods, not the opposite! Most pediatric nutritionists advocate table foods by 10 months, so Gracie is not a “monster.” She’s just advanced for her age!