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My 2-month-old hates being in the car
Q: Help! My 2-month-old hates the car. Does Fisher-Price® make any toys that attach to infant car seats?
A: Yes, Fisher-Price makes such toys. For example, the Car Seat Dashboard was designed especially to help soothe and entertain babies in the car seat. And for your convenience, it even has a remote control that clips to the visor so you can easily activate it from the driver’s seat. The soft fabric dashboard is full of fun activities for both infants and older babies, so you can keep your baby content and entertained while you’re busy driving. It plays four soothing tunes for those times baby’s tired or needs to be calmed, and it plays four lively tunes for more excitement. Also, the twinkling lights will delight and capture the attention of your baby. Toddlers can start the fun themselves by pressing the beeping horn.

In order to help your baby get adjusted to being in the car seat, take an extra minute or two after you get into the car for some playtime with the car seat toy. Interact with your baby and the toy’s features. Since your baby faces the rear and doesn’t see you when you’re in the front seat driving, you might be able to divert your little one’s attention away from you and onto the toy as you start your trip.