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How do I know if my 7-year-old is dyslexic?
Q: I was wondering how I could tell if my child is dyslexic. She is almost 7, and we recently moved back to the States from the UK, where she was taught differently. She says sometimes her words “go funny,” and she can't read them. Any suggestions?
A: First, I would schedule a conference with her teacher. It is near the end of the school year, and the teacher will have had a chance to observe her reading and probably to administer some sort of standardized test. These tests, though criticized by some, can provide much valuable information if properly used. She would also know the resources available in your area for a diagnostic study of your daughter’s reading skills. If she can’t help, talk to your pediatrician.

You mention in your note that she was taught differently in the UK than here in the USA. In Britain, most educators feel strongly that formal reading instruction should not begin until a child is at least 7 years old—a milestone which your daughter has not yet reached. Make sure your daughter’s teacher knows that. Finally, read to her as often as you can; there is no better way to encourage reading in a child.