How your 12-month-old might play now

    • He understands much of what you say to him
    • She mimics others' actions, like talking on the phone
    • He will move a toy out of the way to get to another
    • She likes other children but doesn't play with them
    • He can anticipate your action: when he sees you holding his jacket, he'll hold out his arms
    • She only makes sounds in the language she knows
    • He'll show affection with hugs, kisses, smiles and pats
Foot-to-floor ride-ons
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    Go Baby Go!™
    Stride-to-Ride™ Lion

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    EZ Turn Scooter™

    Balance & Coordination Gross Motor Self-Expression & Confidence

Help your baby learn more:

    • A little help. At first, you may need to put your child on the ride-on. Eventually, she'll be able to get on and off by herself, but it will be reassuring to have you nearby for her first experiences.
    • Clear a path behind the ride-on: children push backward before they move forward.
    • Prepare a “route” for your 1-year-old to follow. Stand a few feet in front of her and say encouragingly, "Come this way, come over here." Then move a few feet further, encourage her to reach another guidepost, and so on.
    • Stop and go. Help his understanding of directions by using simple words to describe actions: stop, go, get on, get off, go forward.
Legetøj til styrkelse af fysisk udvikling, koordination og gang
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    Chatter Telephone™

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    Lil’ Snoopy

Help your baby learn more:

    • Har kontrol. Efterhånden som hendes balance, mobilitet og koordination øges, får dit 1-årige barn bedre kontrol over sine bevægelser. At bevæge sig rundt og undersøge forskellige ting træner grovmotorikken.
    • Nu forstår jeg det! I denne alder lærer dit barn hurtigt, hvordan han får noget til at ske. Lav en leg, hvor du bruger lys eller lyde ... Først er det hans tur, så din tur. Sæt ord på handlingerne. "Du trykkede på knappen og fik lysene til at tænde!" "Du åbnede døren, og den sagde en lyd!"
    • Opbyg begejstring – og kognitive færdigheder – med et hint om, at der snart sker noget. "Lad os komme i gang! Hvad tror du, der sker?"

Body Art

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As your baby grows, she gains increasing interest in her body and its many functions. Bath time is a great time to work on body image, as you introduce your baby to bathtub Body Art!


  • Children’s nontoxic body paint, in a variety of colours
  • Bathtub


  • Run a warm bath for your baby; make it shallow enough for her to sit in.
  • Place your baby in the tub and let her get used to the water.
  • Open a tube of body paints and dot the colour on your baby’s arms.
  • Spread the colour with your fingers, and encourage your baby to do the same.
  • Add other colours to other body parts—hands, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, chest, and back.
  • Let your baby spread the colours around, then wash them off and play again.


Be sure to use nontoxic children’s body paints. Keep the body paint off your baby’s face, and if she tends to wipe her face with her hands, don’t put body paints on her hands.

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I would like to know if you have any toys that my 1-year-old daughter and my 3-year-old son could play with together. I have purchased the Intelli-Table® for Christmas in hopes that it will be intriguing enough for both. My son is so eager to really play with his sister. They do play together, but my son tends to fizzle out with the baby toys quickly. Then he tries to play with her with his toys, but they either aren't safe for her or the play gets too rough. I'd like a toy that would entertain both. Sounds unrealistic as I type this, but who knows?
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