Chatter Telephone®

12-36 months

  • Product Features

    This updated classic toy phone still dials up lots of sit & play and stand & pull fun! “Ring-ring!” Say “hello” to a new look for the Fisher-Price® Chatter Telephone® toy! This classic pull toy now has a more modern design, but is still as fun and sweet-looking as ever – with its adorable face, spinning dial, ringing-phone sounds and eyes that move up and down as baby pulls it along. The cord attached to the receiver ensures it never gets lost.

    The Chatter Telephone® toy encourages early role play – and baby can pick up lots of great developmental benefits, too. The dial introduces baby to numbers and counting from 1-9 and helps exercise fine motor skills. Baby’s gross motor skills get exercised from standing & pulling the phone along. And the bright colors, motions & sounds help stimulate baby’s senses.

    • A new look to this classic, baby-favorite pull toy
    • 2 ways for baby to play: sit & play and stand & pull
    • Fun ringing sounds
    • Eyes move up & down when phone is pulled along
    • Dial introduces numbers 1-9
    • Receiver and dial encourage early role play
    • Pulling the phone along helps strengthen gross motor skills
    • Helps stimulate baby’s visual & auditory senses

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Developmental Benefits


    Pulling the phone along for fun sounds and motions strengthens gross motor skills.


    Handset and dial encourages early role play.


    Bright colors, motions, and sounds stimulate baby's senses.