Bring those extinct creatures back to life for some fun and games!
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Egg Surprise:Write party details on a small, white, egg-shaped piece of paper. Insert the paper into a small plastic egg that opens and closes. Glue a dinosaur picture on the outside of the egg, being careful not to put glue on the opening edges of the egg. Mail to guests in padded envelopes.

Cracked Egg:Fold a large sheet of heavy white construction paper in half. Draw a large egg shape on one half, with the top of the egg on the fold. Cut out the egg through both halves, leaving the fold intact, to make an egg-shaped card. Photocopy a picture of the birthday child and glue the photocopy inside the card. Write party details around the picture. Mail to guests, who will "crack" the egg open for a surprise invitation inside.


Create a Land of the Dinosaurs: Cut out large footprints from construction paper and place them on the front walk, leading to the house. Hang dinosaur posters on the walls at child's eye level. Set out toy dinosaurs as a table centerpiece. Buy dinosaur paper products at a party store.

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Turn guests into dinosaurs. Paint their faces green and spotty, attach a jagged tail, and top them off with a cracked-egg hat made from old knitted caps or empty milk gallon jugs cut with a scalloped edge.


Dinosaur Tail Limbo:Cut out a large dinosaur tail from poster board. Play music while you hold the tail horizontally in the air. Have the kids walk or crawl under the dinosaur tail, then lower it each time they pass by.

The Dinosaur's Missing!:Collect three to five dinosaur products, such as a doll, a book, a picture, and so on, as long as each one has a picture of a dinosaur on it. Set the items in the centre of the room with the children seated around them. Point out and describe each item to the children, then cover the items with a blanket. Pick up one item together with the blanket, keeping the item covered, and reveal the remaining items. Ask the children which dinosaur item is missing.

Dino Dig: Hide dinosaurs in a sandbox, either inside plastic eggs or by themselves. Let the young ones dig for dinosaurs and keep what they find. Watch kids closely to be sure no sand gets near their mouths!

Follow the Footsteps: Cut out large dinosaur footprints and set them a few inches apart all around the house. Place one dinosaur item every few feet for the children to discover. Have them follow the footprints to the hidden prizes.



Surprise Dinosaur Eggs: Buy some medium-sized white plastic eggs. Fill the eggs with dinosaur fruit snacks or dinosaur cookies. Close the eggs and give them to the children to decorate with stickers. Then have them open the eggs for a surprise inside!

A Dinosaur-Live!:Hire a performer dressed as a dinosaur to make a surprise appearance. Or rent the costume at a costume shop and dress up yourself.

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Make Colourful Dino Eggs:Hard-boil eggs and let them cool. Prepare egg dyes and help the children dye the eggs. Then give them stickers to decorate their eggs. When they finish, have them crack the eggs open and eat them. (Supervise this, to make sure the kids don't eat any shell.) If your guests don't want to break their eggs, have some backup eggs ready to eat.

Serve Dinosaur Sandwiches:Cut out dinosaur-shaped cheese and bread slices with dinosaur cookie cutters. Assemble the slices into sandwiches and serve to hungry dinosaur eaters.

Dinosaur Egg Cake
  • Bake a round cake; allow to cool
  • Cut the cake with a knife down the middle in a zig zag pattern, to look like a cracked egg. Pull the egg apart a little.
  • Cover the cake with white frosting.

Party Bags:

Send the dinosaur kids home with anything dinosaur: dolls, books, pictures, posters, stickers, hats, and so on.

Let guests keep the dinosaur toys they find during the games.

NOTE:All party bags should be age-appropriate and safety tested.


Watch a children's dinosaur video.


Be sure to have enough dinosaur toys for everyone.

Avoid small toys or toys with detachable parts, to prevent the kids choking on the toys.