How your 5+ year-old might play now

    • He draws recognisable pictures, writes his name, dresses himself and completes puzzles
    • She can solve problems and explain things
    • His friendships become stronger
    • She can sort things into basic categories
    • He can imitate your pose and tone of voice
    • She can finish activities without waiting for directions
    • He differentiates between “pretend” and “real” when playing
    • She begins to make comparisons and her memory expands
    • He can explain games to other kids

Bug Hunt

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At this age, your child probably finds bugs fascinating! Have fun together on a Bug Hunt!


  • Pad of paper and felt-tip pens, or instant camera
  • Yard, park, nature walk, or other outdoor area
  • Magnifying glass
  • Bug identification book (optional)


  • Walk or drive to a park or nature area. Bring a small pad of paper and drawing materials, or an instant camera, if you prefer.
  • Walk through the area and help your child find some bugs. Use a magnifying glass to get a closer look.
  • When you locate a bug, have your child draw a picture of it using her pad and pens, or take a photograph.
  • Continue your walk, looking for different bugs.
  • After you gather a nice collection, return home to organize the drawings or photos. If using a regular camera, have the film developed.
  • Lay the pictures or photos on a table and have your child examine the bugs. Ask her to look for features that are similar and different.
  • If you have a bug identification book, have your child try to identify the bugs and label them.


Be careful with bugs that bite and sting and watch for dangerous plants such as poison ivy.

Learning skills

  • Classification skills
  • Cognitive/thinking skills
  • Respect for nature
  • Spatial relationships
  • Visual discrimination

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