How your 11-month-old might play now

    • He can stand unassisted and cruise along the furniture
    • Her babbling begins to have the inflections of language
    • He understands that smaller objects fit in larger ones
    • She can pull herself up and sit securely
    • He understands what "no" means but may be too curious to resist
    • She can respond to one or two commands
Toys that encourage eye-hand coordination
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    Brilliant Basics™ Baby’s First Blocks

    Fine Motor Sensory Thinking & Problem Solving
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    Laugh & Learn™ Cookie Shape Surprise™

Help your baby learn more:

    • “What comes next?” Introduce sequencing by laying pieces out on the floor, with the biggest piece at one end and the smallest at the other. Talk about the sizes: “This is the biggest cup and this is the smallest.”
    • New discoveries. Let your child be the discoverer and explorer, because that's the joy of play!
Play phones and devices
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    Laugh & Learn™ Click 'n Learn Remote

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    Laugh & Learn™ Smilin’ Smart Phone™

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    Brilliant Basics™ Friendly Flip Phone™

Help your baby learn more:

    • Let’s chat. Promote your child’s language development and encourage early “conversations” by pretending to call her, or helping her call her dolls and stuffed animals.
    • Again! Again! He’ll want to press the buttons and hear the sounds over and over again, so let him go. Besides being good for a laugh, these actions cement in his mind the idea that his actions cause something else to happen.

Catch the Firefly

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As your baby becomes more mobile, she likes to play games of chase and catch. Here’s a game that will keep your baby moving as she tries to catch the “firefly” on the bedroom wall.


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Flashlight
  • Tape
  • Dark room


  • Cut out a bug shape, such as a firefly, from cardboard, small enough to fit over the lens of the flashlight.
  • Secure the stencil over the flashlight with tape.
  • Make yourself and your baby comfortable in a bedroom and turn off the lights.
  • Turn on the flashlight and shine it at the wall next to your baby.
  • Move the light slowly along the wall, to attract your baby’s attention.
  • Tell your baby to go get the firefly that’s buzzing around the wall.
  • Move the light slowly away as your baby approaches it and tries to catch it.


Reassure your baby if she gets scared in the dark.

Learning skills

  • Cause and effect
  • Locomotion and coordination
  • Motor control

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