Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Whistlin' Minnie
  • Ages: 2 years & up

    |Product: BBJ55

“Oh, hello there! How do you know it’s time for tea? When the whistle blows!” Pucker-up and whistle a happy tune with one of your favourite clubhouse pals, Minnie Mouse. This fun, 10-inch adorable plush doll is perfect for hugging and squeezing. But that’s not all. Press her tummy and Minnie will tell a “whistlin’” joke, and then all of a sudden she’ll pucker-up her lips and actually start whistling a tune! That’s right – she really whistles! Keep on squeezing and she’ll keep on whistling. Press her tummy again to hear another tune as well as tell a few more “whistlin’” jokes – 3 songs and 10 phrases in all. Sings “Skip to My Lou”, “Turkey in the Straw”, and “London Bridge is Falling Down!”

Includes 2 "AAA" (R03) batteries.
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