Little People® City Skyway

Age: 1½ - 5 years
  • Product: BGC34

Standing over 3 feet tall, this play set ramps up the zipping, zooming racing fun! Your little racer sends a vehicle down the ramp at the top, then waits for the surprise finish as the car comes out at the bottom in one of three spots. Will it speed out one of the two side exits or jump off the middle ramp? It’s different every time! The creative play is revved up even more with a realistic crane, stop sign, petrol pump and parking meter. Your little one will enjoy hours of non-stop action!

• Stands over 3 feet tall (92+ cm)!
• One point of entry on top with three exits on the bottom, one of which is a jump
• Flip different switches to make cars change paths—or let it happen automatically and be surprised!
• The kid-size vehicles fit perfectly in little hands
• Comes with City Skyway play set, working crane, traffic signal, petrol pump, parking meter, gate that opens & closes, and Koby & Tessa cars

Imagination & Creativity
Pretend play hits high speed with Tessa and Koby cruising down ramps in their cars, fueling up at the petrol pump, stopping at the parking meter and more!

Fine Motor
Placing the cars on the track or crane, opening and closing the gate—they’re all fun ways to get dexterity rolling!

Curiosity & Discovery
Surprise! With 3 exit ramps, little drivers love to discover that their cars can go a different way every time they play!

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