Imaginext® Dragonwagon™

Age: 3-8 years
  • Product: BFR89

Imagine a medieval vehicle that looks like a dragon—what a clever way for a knight to launch a surprise attack on opponents! As the Dragonwagon™ vehicle rolls along, its front claws move and its jaws open to make it appear to be an actual dragon. But inside, the knight waits to strike! It’s the perfect addition to any medieval adventure young knights can imagine!

• Roll Dragonwagon™ vehicle along to see claws move and jaws open!
• Includes Dragonwagon™ vehicle, Imaginext® Knight figure, dragon-like helmet and weapon
• Wagon opens to fit two figures (Additional figure sold separately.)
• Bring the Dragonwagon™ vehicle to the Lion’s Den Castle for more exciting adventures! (Sold separately and subject to availability.)

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