Octonauts Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle
  • Ages: 3 years & up

    |Product: W3146

Go on an Octonauts adventure with Barnacles and the GUP-X! This vehicle is packed with fifteen accessories! Including the 3 piece GUP-X: tank, glider and octo ski; Barnacles figure, four launching slime discs, spider crab, horseshoe crab, snot sea cucumber, rescue zip-line, bandage, stretcher and water tank! Pull the trigger to launch the slime disks and hear sounds and phrases! Use the zip line and stretcher to rescue the creatures! Use the medic table, stretcher and water tank to keep the creatures safe. Open the back door to release the Octo-ski or detach the front glider for solo missions! All pieces store inside the vehicle for easy clean up.
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