SwaddleCinch™ Blanket - Medium Pink

  • Product: FP5011024

With the SwaddleCinch™ blanket from Fisher-Price, you can give your baby a perfect swaddle every time. Just tuck, thread and cinch!

Use the simple cinch closure to effortlessly pull to a snug, secure fit that’s just right for baby. Swaddle your baby with arms in or out, depending on what baby likes best. And the comfy stretch fabric gives your little one just enough freedom of movement to be comfortable.

• Exclusive cinch closure for a perfect swaddle every time.
• Soft 100% Polyester stretch fabric.

2 sizes:
• Small/Med (7-14lbs)
• Large (14-20lbs)

Available at Babies R Us in an assortment of six happy colours.

For more information, please contact Crown Crafts at 800-421-0526.