Imaginext® Rescue City Center

Age: 3-8 years
  • Product: X7669

Imagine…a world of action and excitement where kids decide what happens next! When they enter the Fisher-Price® Imaginext® Rescue City Center, they can create rescue adventures about everything from protecting the gas station, bank or hotel to manning the fire station, police station or hospital. There’s action around every corner! And Action Tech™ technology brings it to life with speech and sounds!

• Action Tech™ technology makes interactive play happen—the Rescue City centre recognizes different accessories and responds with speech and sounds! (Fire Truck included. Additional ActionTech™ accessories sold separately.)
• Fire truck lets you shoot water projectiles to put out fires!
• Working elevator in the hospital
• Pop up flames at the hotel!
• Jail door and bank vault open and close
• Includes 2 AAA batteries, 2 figures, fire truck, satellite dish, antenna, parking meter, 2 street lights, fire hydrant and flag, x-ray machine, operating table, handcuffs, money bag, 2 helmets, 2 walkie-talkies, fire extinguisher, axe and two water projectiles

Curiosity & Discovery
There’s so much to discover in this action-packed city! At the bank, kids can turn a figure left on a disk to open the vault door or turn it right to drop a gate to block the front door!

Imagination & Creativity
Role play skills develop as kids create their own rescue adventures! From protecting the gas station, bank and hotel to manning the fire station, police station and hospital, there’s action around every corner!

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