Rainforest Friends 4-in-1 Projection Soother

  • Product: Y6585

A sweet table top soother provides a variety of options to soothe baby to sleep. Modes let mum customise music and sounds (including white noise!), projection and glowing lights to baby’s preference.

• Up to 30 minutes of white noise, nature sounds & music
• colourful rotating projector light show
• Glowing animal friends
• 4 customizable modes: Music & projection; Music & lights; Music only; Lights only
• 3 sound modes: White noise; Nature sounds & classical music; Lullabies
• Remote control
• Power/volume control

Soothing music and white noise enhance baby’s sense of hearing, while a colourful, rotating light show and gently glowing animal friends stimulate visual skills.

Security & Happiness
Sweet animal friends keep baby company and provide a sense of comfort.

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