How your 2 ½- to 3-year-old might play now

    • She enjoys mimicking the actions of those she knows
    • He creates simple sentences and uses the words "I, me and you"
    • She can hop, jump and climb stairs one foot at a time
    • He understands what "inside," "under" and "on top" mean
    • She can recall what to do when given simple instructions
Cars, trucks, trains and other vehicles
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    Little People® Wheelies™ Stand ’n Play™ Rampway

    Balance & Coordination Curiosity & Discovery Fine Motor Sensory

Help your child learn more:

    • Read picture books about different types of vehicles and what they're used for. Talking with him is especially important at this stage, when he's building receptive language.
    • Encourage listening to directions (keep them simple at this age) and get her thinking about problem solving. Create little stories and assign small jobs to complete. "Can you drive the truck over to the door and unload the boulders there?"
    • Let him haul things around in his vehicles, or use them to transport people from place to place to foster understanding of each vehicle's purpose. Tell him how helpful he is, and you'll really bolster his confidence.


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Your toddler is a great imitator—which is one of the ways he learns. Turn the tables on him and play a game of Copycat, where you do the imitating!


  • Your bodies


  • Bring your toddler into the playroom and set him on the floor.
  • Sit down next to him, imitating his exact body position.
  • Every time your toddler moves or does something, do exactly what he does.
  • See if you can tell when he catches on to what you’re doing!


Stop the game if your toddler gets into anything dangerous and deal with the problem before you continue. Don’t tease your toddler or upset him with your imitating.

Learning skills

  • Cause and effect
  • Gross and fine motor development
  • Social interaction
Your child can learn

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