How your 1-month-old might play now

    • Your baby can see objects 8-10 inches away but can't make out details or the full color spectrum
    • He follows objects slowly with his eyes over very short distances
    • She mimics simple facial expressions and, when someone speaks to her, looks intently
    • He's startled by loud or unexpected noises
    • Her fists are closed
Infant play gyms
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    My Little Snugabunny™ Ultra Comfort Musical Gym

    Curiosity & Discovery Fine Motor Sensory

Help your baby learn more:

    • What do you see? Get down at floor level to get baby’s view of overhead toys. This will help you know where to position her for the best vantage point. Change your baby's position every once in a while to freshen the view.
    • Play together to encourage communication and add fun to playtime. Pick a time when baby is in an active play mode, not sleepy or hungry or overly stimulated. You'll be able to tell; if the toy looks too busy for him at the moment, he'll close his eyes.
    • Talk about it. To help your baby learn there's a connection between words and actions, move the parts and talk about them as you go: "Shake-shake-shake. See the silly little face smiling at you?"
    • Hum or sing along to the music on the gym and point out light-up features. The more you talk to your baby and directly engage him, the more you're benefiting his development.

All Gone!

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Since your baby is new on the planet, he spends much of his time trying to figure out his environment. Help him by playing a game of All Gone!


  • Soft, colourful toys
  • Blanket, towel, or cloth


  • Collect several soft, colourful toys, and place them out of sight.
  • Seat your baby comfortably in his infant seat and sit opposite him.
  • Bring out a toy and show it to your baby. Hold the toy close to your face and talk to your baby, to attract his attention.
  • While your baby is watching, cover the toy with a cloth.
  • Say to your baby, “All gone!”
  • Wait a few seconds, then uncover the toy and happily announce, “Here it is!”
  • Repeat with different toys.


If your baby gets upset at the toy’s disappearance, hide the toy slowly to show him what you’re doing. Don’t leave the toy covered for too long.

Learning skills

  • Anticipation of events
  • Cognitive/thinking skills
  • Object permanence and stability
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