Little People® Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Tower

Age: 1½ - 5 years
  • Product: BGC74

Enchant your little fairy-tale lover with this charming tower that brings the story of Rapunzel and her prince Flynn to life! Open the cylindrical tower to reveal multiple levels and floors that lead up to Rapunzel’s bedroom. How will Flynn reach Rapunzel in her tower? Rotate the crank to carry him up and down the tower in the basket elevator. After they’re reunited, there are so many rooms to explore and things to do – including pressing the mirror above the fireplace to hear a sweet tune. And once play is done, store everything inside and close it up until the next towering adventure!

• Rotate the crank to carry figures up and down the tower in the basket elevator
• Press the mirror above the fireplace to play a charming melody
• Store everything inside and close up the tower until the next adventure!
• Includes tower play set, bed, table, chair, flag and Little People® Rapunzel and Flynn figures
• Requires 3 AAA batteries

Imagination & Creativity
Little princesses can recreate the classic tale of Rapunzel and Flynn with lots of details to help it come to life!

Curiosity & Discovery
In the classic story, Rapunzel lets her hair down for Flynn to climb. In this tower, just put him in the basket and turn the crank to raise him up & down! Kids discover more cause and effect when they press on the fireplace for music!

© Disney
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